Be careful to keep your view of college in its proper place or else you may become like me and realize you’re letting it get out of hand.

This is what I mean: college is all about me. Nothing about it is for other people. My grades, my success, my future, my tests.

I met a middle-aged woman who had to take some college courses to get re-certified to switch careers. She had taught special education for 12 years. What a contrast between her previous job and her time in college! She put it so well:

“College is so easy. All I have to do is look out for myself. It’s so me-focused. While I was teaching special ed I was used to taking care of their every need. I went to bed thinking about my kids. Now, I get a cup of coffee, walk to class, and sleep easy at night. I’m on cruise control.”

Make sure college doesn’t become your idol factory. College: where you pursue every worldly desire: success, fame, money, power, intelligence, self-improvement, comparison to others, recognition. All the while the emptiness of those things chip away at your heart until you feel like you gained the world, but lost Christ.

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3 thoughts on “Colleg[M]e

  1. This is surely one way that many people view college, but I don’t think it is the only way. The classes you’re taking and the things you’re learning will give you more to talk about as you meet people in life – more to help you identify and connect with people. And the increased spending potential you’ll have as a result of a degree will be a blessing to your wife and (future) children, your church family, and other organizations that you desire to bless financially. The worldly success you may experience as a result of having gone to college, while still living a life that reflects God’s character, will help other impressionable people see that worldly success is not what’s ultimately valuable. Finally, a career that you undertake as a result of an education will be used to provide something that helps people and is of value. College and its trappings can be a very good thing!

  2. James, well said. I agree with you. My point is that we need to be careful not to let it become me-focused. College should be about the things you listed, but often (for many people including myself if I’m not careful) it becomes all about me and my success and my money and my potential…all the while we don’t even know the name of the person sitting next to us. Your explanation is the goal; I described what to avoid.

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