Be careful to keep your view of college in its proper place or else you may become like me and realize you’re letting it get out of hand. This is what I mean:… Continue reading

3 reasons vs. missionary dating

Recently a buddy of mine told me he had hit it off really well with a girl and went out on several dates with her. But then discovered she wasn’t a Christian. He… Continue reading

Questions to ask yourself before you get married

Are you going my way? Jim Croce’s “I Got a Name” contains a lyric If you’re going my way, I’ll go with you. You can listen to it here (2:33). If you’re in a serious… Continue reading

Marriage: roles vs duties

I recently grabbed lunch with my pastor and he asked me how married life is going. My response to his question shed much light on my [then] current view of marriage. I told… Continue reading

Israelites & me

God’s desire for us is the same desire he had for the Israelites. Jeremiah 7:23 simplifies it so well, “Obey me, and I will be your God and will be my people.”

Mistakes (Part 3)

The last post in this series is about the joys and blessings (benefits) of honoring the Lord with our relationships. There’s REASONS we should exercise self-control and flee from all sexual temptations. It’s… Continue reading

Mistakes (Part 2)

In my last post I talked about the sins of my past in regard to dating and I hope it was good to you. Now I want to share some things that I… Continue reading

Mistakes (Part 1)

In my previous post I told you I would share the mistakes I made in regards to dating. Here they are. I allowed the world to determine what my physical boundaries were. The… Continue reading


The topic of christian dating is very dear to my heart. It can be such a profound period of growth and maturity for both men and women. Unfortunately, I’ve seen Christian couples (including… Continue reading

Praying more is ok

Don’t confuse a disciplined prayer life with self-righteousness. One is Godly and the other’s not. I encounter people all the time who are afraid to pray a lot because they fear becoming self-righteous.… Continue reading

A phone skill from Dad

I called a grass client the other day and I started it like this: “Hi ___________? This is Adam Sylvester. I promised you I would call you tonight to discuss our plans for… Continue reading


While observing a group of elementary kids playing soccer I watched a dispute break out. The younger kids were mad at the oldest, most athletic, and most influential kid on the team. He… Continue reading


Dating is simply a foreshadowing of marriage. If dating for you rocks, marriage will probably rock. If dating for you is bad then your marriage will be bad. If you’re “not sure” if… Continue reading

Response to Mel Robbins about marriage

I bet I’m not the only person to write a response to Mel Robbins’ article in Success Magazine called “Fight for Your Happiness“. I’ll summarize it for you in case you don’t click… Continue reading

Lesson(s) from Grandpa

My grandpa on my Mom’s side (I never met my Dad’s, wish I had…) taught me this lesson when I was starting my lawn business: weed-wack first so your mower cuts and grooms… Continue reading

Words matter

When I was in sales, I used to hear this phrase all the time: “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” It was usually said when training about emotion, tone,… Continue reading

Don’t knock, just walk in

What’s the best way to determine if someone is using the bathroom? Just walk in. Another way (the safest and most comfortable) is to knock. But sometimes the environment is loud and too… Continue reading

Guest post

Special thanks to EmilyMorganThompson for allowing me to guest write on her blog. If you’re curious, click here. Oh, and give me a shout if you want her to reciprocate.

Tribute to Dad Re-Post

A year ago I wrote a very special post titled, “Tribute to Dad” for my Dad’s birthday. A year later, I thought it would be fitting to re-post it. Please enjoy. Dad, happy… Continue reading


The internet is powerful because of links- links to other sites, stories, articles, homemade rap videos, headlines, blogs, podcasts, pictures, Amazon, PDFs, eBooks, songs, archives. We discover new ideas & information via links-content… Continue reading

Real giving isn’t easy

Giving requires sacrifice. If it doesn’t then it’s just convenience. “Thanks for giving me your last Starburst!” “No problem, I don’t like that flavor anyway.” That’s not special, that’s hurtful. Download this post… Continue reading

The LunchBox Express Full Story

I sat down with Joey Young and Dan Heilberg (owners of the LunchBox Express) to get a proper perspective of one of the newest, coolest restaurants in Charlottesville. I wanted a full description of… Continue reading

Journaling is worth it

It took me a year and a half but I recently finished my journal and started a new one. A lot has changed since July 2010… Instead of getting emotionally reminiscent I’ll simply say… Continue reading

If I owned a restuarant

Each table would have a log (could be notebook paper) that records every customer’s order. And I would never edit it. When the customer asked me for my recommendation, I would point to the… Continue reading


Warmest place on a cold night when you’re camping? Next to the fire. As soon as you walk away you can immediately feel the cold. Return to the fire and you’re warm again.… Continue reading

Another average carsalesman who needs training

I went car shopping over the weekend (not for myself, don’t worry Hyundai lovers) so I took some mental notes about the two salesmen…. The 1st never asked why? what are you using it for?… Continue reading

“Too Long!” (Bo’sun gets impatient in Pirates of the Caribbean)

I often use too many words when I speak. I’m affected by the same evil love as everyone else: my own voice. But a well-chosen word can say more than 20 empty ones. That… Continue reading

Red-Nosed Sylvester the Cat

In the past two days I’ve received three full audiobooks and twenty three songs at no cost from and How? Start a free trial, get all the free stuff, and then cancel… Continue reading

Stop Running

Recently I was running and my shin (yes, shin) started to cramp. Very strange. Anyway, I was tempted (and I even tried) to run faster, longer…which made it worse. But the cramp remained.… Continue reading

Eye on the red dot

In archery, while shooting an arrow, it’s hard to know how accurate you’re going to be until the arrow actually reaches the target- because before you release the arrow it’s only a hair… Continue reading

Teach Me, Expert

Squidoo, a website created by Seth Godin, is a platform for anyone to share their knowledge of expertise to anyone. (ex: if you need help tying a bow tie, you could learn here.) His goal? encourage users… Continue reading

Breaking the Rules for Slice

You may have heard the saying, “If you have a good meal at a restaurant you’ll tell one person. Have a bad meal, and you’ll tell ten.” Well, there’s exceptions to everything, and I’m breaking… Continue reading

Open for Change

Here’s something (I think) I learned three years ago but recently became consciously aware. Feedback from others is the catalyst of change. Feedback comes in all shapes and sizes so learn to recognize… Continue reading

Long Lost Notes

I recently discovered this random list of notes I wrote over a year ago for several different books (as you can tell) I was reading at the time…I don’t type my notes often so… Continue reading

Relay Foods and Amazon are Winners

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising that exists. If an info commercial tells me to buy the Ripped Abs Miracle Worker I’m going to ignore it. But if a friend… Continue reading

Bedrock Sandals

I recently learned about a new project called Bedrock Sandals, by Nick Pence and Dan Opalacz. They’ve designed a pair of minimalist walking and hiking sandals that have loads of potential. These are… Continue reading

For Musician’s Eyes Only

Social media has become a very popular and common platform for budding musicians who are trying to share their passions with others. The idea is this: upload enough free content, reply to everyone’s… Continue reading

Is Your Work Valuable?

If you are looking for a job or currently have a job, then you should ask yourself this question: Is the work I’m doing for my employer worth what I’m getting paid? The… Continue reading

BGC Shirts: Lessons Learned

Often I’m asked about the Big Guy Club shirts I marketed and sold over a year ago. The bottom line is this: my critics were right; it didn’t work. But what I learned… Continue reading

Tribute to Dad

Today is your birthday Dad…. You make me glad I’m your son. Favorite sayings You make me glad I’m a dad. He won’t have the guts to do that again. You can eat… Continue reading

Quick Thought on Time

A phrase we hear often is I didn’t have time or I’m not going to have time. Oh really, when did God shorten your day to 20 hours? The truth is we all… Continue reading

My 2011 Book List

Now you may follow along with me this year if you’d like, but keep in mind that I don’t plan on reading them in order. I left room for surprises/recommendations throughout the year… Continue reading

2010 MVP The Path Principal

The Most Valuable Principal I learned in 2010 is The Principal of the Path. Andy Stanley teaches this principal and most of the following material is his. The Principal of the Path says… Continue reading

Kids Are Expert Salespeople

I have a five-year old cousin named Sarah. We played together during our visit over Christmas. I’m the youngest of my parents’ six children. I’ve never played with little kids. I don’t babysit.… Continue reading

Top Five Books 2010

It’s almost 2011, so here’s a review of my favorite books I read this year 1.) Linchpin by Seth Godin Seth Godin is an excellent writer, blogger, CEO, and speaker. He studies and… Continue reading

Pictures [My All-Time Favorites]

No specific order -Adam- Download this post as a pdf here

Rhetorical Question

What do you think about first when you wake up each morning? –Adam- Download this post as a pdf here


Write things down so you remember There’s exceptions to everything You can’t steer a parked car When in doubt just shake hands Appealing a traffic ticket in court never works If you like… Continue reading


No one pays attention when you know something; they notice when you don’t know. Haven’t you ever tried to show off your amazing piece of knowledge and nobody cared? But when everyone in… Continue reading

New Web Browser RockMelt is Legit

If there’s a new product that’s good and beneficial, then I want everyone to know about it. That’s why I’m plugging RockMelt- a new web browser which has focused most of its features… Continue reading