Health and Vitality. Strong Body.

If you want to reach your goals your body must be able to keep up.

Jim Rohn said, “Unless you have the health, it can’t be done.”

Your mind won’t produce great ideas if it knows your body will waste them.

Jillian Michaels hates two things: Broccoli and The Treadmill. But she still eats broccoli and still runs on the treadmill because she knows those behaviors will draw her closer to her goals. “Weight loss is simple: it’s calories in, calories out. Eat real food. Game over.”

Jim Rohn ate an apple a day. I recommend we do the same.

Chris Guerriero recommends that if you start a new lifestyle diet which means you are daily eating foods that add value to your body, then here is what you should do:

take off a meal a week

take off an entire day a month

Arnold Schwarzenegger called it your cheat day. We are humans, so we need a break.  On your day off eat reasonably, but enjoy yourself.

Here is a story if you want to begin building vitality in your body today; let this speak for itself:

My friend in his early fifties cut sugar from his diet. Within 3 weeks he lost 15 lbs. He felt so good that he committed 5 days a week to the gym, and a few months later he was an additional 15 lbs lighter=   30 lbs lost total.

I’ve eliminated lemonade from my lifestyle.


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