A Quick Story about Asking

I’m at Sam’s Club with two items. All I see are lines longer than John Isner’s tennis match today. Like always, the lines consist of people that seem to be shopping for their entire neighborhood. But I only have two items. There is one woman who has her light off, meaning she has closed her checkout and the gentleman she is working with is HER LAST CUSTOMER. Jack Canfield says the world is full of genies waiting to grant your wish. So I walk up to the woman, my 2 items easily in view, and say with complete assumptive confidence, “Will you please check me out? I only have two items. Pleeeease?” Between the 2nd please and my huge smile on my face, she can’t resist. As I walk off with my two items, a lady who shows up behind me hoping to get a quick checkout receives bad news from my favorite employee at Sam’s: “He was my last customer, I’m closed.” She walks away only to get a spot behind the man who must be buying food for the entire nation of Algeria.

You have to ask. What’s the worst thing that can happen.


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