Delayed Gratification: A Brilliant Example

You should hate the idea of delayed gratification. It’s completely against human nature. That’s not to say you don’t ever partake in it; but it goes against your will to have something later. But how about I give you an example that helps you delay your gratification, and it’s better? Here it is: back into your parking spot.

If you pull into your spot, that’s instant gratification. If you back in, it’s considered delayed. But it makes much more sense to back in. Here’s why:

Don’t you have to reverse either way?  Why not back in (reverse) while there aren’t any blind spots? You can see other drivers, kids that may be running around, and other distractions; not to mention it’s easier to back in. But if you pull into the space now you have to back out of the spot with 2 bad blind spots! You can’t see other cars, kids are now at higher risk, and it takes much longer to pull out.

Let’s break it down:

  1. It’s quicker/easier to pull out of your space than to back out
  2. It’s safer to drive backward when you have less blind spots
  3. It’s easier to back in than it is to back out

This is clearly a no brainer.

After reading this post, why would you EVER pull in?


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