How To Get a Good Tan

Over the years I have developed a very good system for tanning. When each summer comes along, I get very excited because tanning is like a game to me. The darker I get, the more gold coins I collect. I’m going to share with you the things I have learned and hopefully it will help you collect more gold coins.

  • The art of the Re-Apply. Just like when you are trying to stay warm in the winter; you don’t use one big coat, you dress in layers. Same thing with tanning, dress in layers. The Art of the Re-Apply simply says that if you want a good tan, you must use lower UV protection and use it much more frequently. Whatever number you use to keep from getting burned, cut it in half, and that’s what you should use. For example, if 30 will keep you safe for a few hours, then use 15 and re-apply multiple times during your time in the sun (layers, not one big coat.) If you have lighter skin, and 45 is your norm, then use 20-30. As you get darker, use less protection (Start with 30, and as you get darker, move to 15…8…4…) Eventually you will start to build a layer of golden brown.
  • It takes time. No one develops a great tan their first time. It takes multiple tanning sessions (done correctly) to get a good tan. Don’t rush it. It must be done slowly. Sometimes you’ll come in from tanning and you won’t be any darker. That’s ok. It might be because the UV index wasn’t high enough, or you weren’t out there long enough or it was a fluke. Either way, it’s better for it to take too long than not long enough.
  • After EVERY tanning session, come inside, wash off all the sun tan lotion, and apply some kind of repairing lotion, preferably something with aloe in it. It makes a huge difference. I put on lotion whether I get tons of sun or none. Just about every store sells it right next to the normal sun block.
  • I don’t recommend spray tan or tanning beds. A good tan = a real tan.
  • Most important thing: NEVER GET BURNED. It’s a myth that sun burn ‘turns into’ tan. It doesn’t- it’s burn. Whether it’s on your face, lips, arms, chest, back, shoulders, legs, feet, behind the knees, ears, stomach, shins, or scalp, burn is bad. Don’t let it happen. You control if you get burned. Always put on sun block. Always.


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