Important Questions To Ask Yourself

You already know I’m a big fan of questions. Here are some questions I’ve been answering for myself recently:

What do you like/dislike? The typical response to this is “What kind of things are you looking for?” These are a few of my responses:

  • Respect                                          Nagging
  • Coaching                                        Details
  • Weightlifting                                    Volleyball
  • Reading                                          Indecision
  • Improving                                       Impatience
  • Humor                                            Useless correction
  • Sacrifices                                        Negativity
  • “I don’t know”                                 Pride
  • Affirmation

It’s okay to share with friends what you like and dislike. They won’t know otherwise. If you aren’t asked, tell them anyway.

What books have changed your life? Can you narrow it down to three?

  1. The Aladdin Factor-I never understood the power and necessity of asking questions until I read this book. It has changed how I converse with people and the way I approach sales.
  2. The Cashflow Quadrant-this is the first book I read after I graduated high school. Robert Kiyosaki writes about living in the right side of the quadrant, which is the Business Owner and Investor side; as opposed to living in the left side: Employee and Self-Employed. He writes that parents often teach their kids to do well in high school, get a “good” degree, get a “good” job which has “good” benefits, work 40 years, and then retire. Oh, and if you don’t go to college you can’t succeed. Kiyosaki scolds all of that and teaches you ways to live in the right side and have financial freedom. Financial Freedom being Time + Money= Financial Freedom.
  3. Don’t Waste Your Life-this was an eye opener. My pastor gave me this book after I graduated high school. John Piper asks this question: What are you doing with your life!? Are you wasting it?” My responses was shifty. I didn’t think I was wasting it, but what evidence did I have to prove I wasn’t? Ever since, I consistently align my actions with how I want my life to look.

I have many other top books, but those three have influenced my life the most.

Who is your Wingman? The idea of being a Wingman, or having a Wingman, is beautiful. A Wingman is your go to guy. He’s always on your side. Your Wingman has similar goals as you. He’s got your back. I hesitate to say that a Wingman is your best friend because I think a Wingman can change. You might have a Wingman in church, your business organization, a non profit, coaching staff, and any other group.

The final question I’ll share is this: Who do you admire most? Think about this one. Write names down, cross off some, debate your options. Next, decide why you admire them. What characteristics do you want to copy? Knowing who you admire will help you shape your goals and your actions because you know where to aim: aim to be like those people. In the words of Adam Katz, “I want to be respected by those I respect.”


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