The Importance of a Correct Priority List

A good thing to do with your busy schedule is to make a list of all your important things and rank them from highest to lowest priority- you know this. It helps you determine which things you value*. If things come up in your life (we all have things come up as a surprise) you can use your list of priorities as a measuring stick to determine if the new thing ranks high or low. The issue is this: once you rank them, are you right?

You may think you know what your highest priority is, but you probably have 2-3 other things that are actually more important or equally important. How will this mess you up if something comes up out of the blue and your list is out of whack? You may agree to take part in something even though you shouldn’t. If your priorities are in the right order, this won’t happen.

Lastly, if you have a big decision to make between two big things, the tendency is to say,”they’re both equally important.” But that’s impossible. One is always more important. So if you tell yourself one has to be more important your mind will start finding the difference. But if you keep whining, “they’re the same,” then your mind will justify it and make it much too difficult for you.

*[You determine what you value by where you spend your time.]


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