Remove The Blinders

“Discover your strengths and implement them in the path you take.”

“Realize what you love to do, and find something that involves your passions.”

“Everybody is great at something; figure out what your greatness is.”

…..but what if all your greatness/strengths/passions/gifts don’t apply to what you want to do?

….what if what you’re good at isn’t what you want to be good at it?

….do you do it anyway?

These are questions only you can answer. Be aware of this: you may have your sights set on a certain path, whether it’s a career, family plans, personal goals, or any other life path. But as you take a closer look at your life you may begin to realize you aren’t blossoming in your desired areas. In fact, you’re failing.

But while you’re reviewing your life, you begin to realize you have a completely different path forming in your periphery. It may even be a path you don’t want to take. You might wish it wasn’t even an option; but as you go on; you gravitate closer and closer. You start doing better and better, while still failing on the path so precious to you. Eventually you can’t deny it: you are becoming great in an area against your will and you can’t resist it.

What do you do? There are two paths; two destinations.

Change your direction. Take the path in which you are excelling (why keep failing?)** This new path may lead you to a great destination. Now you’re a different person. You have NEW+IMPROVED+DIFFERENT strengths/desires/passions/gifts. Now, if you go back to your first path, instead of failing you may succeed.

**[Often failure is good. This is bad failure.]


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