The Giving Principal

The Giving Principal

You Can Only Give What You Have—- it can be good or bad.

Let’s pretend Person A receives a lot of encouragement. His friends encourage him, so do his coworkers, classmates, parents, siblings, teammates, his boss. That MUST mean he has encouragement.

Person B receives a lot of discouragement; all his friends, family, and coworkers discourage him.

What do you think Person A and Person B will likely give to others?  Exactly.

But it gets deeper. Earlier I said it’s a good and bad, here’s why:

What are you receiving? Are you receiving encouragement or discouragement? Are you reading mindless teenage romance novels? That’s what you’re going to give. Are you reading magazines that do nothing but tear people down? You’re going to tear people down. Are you spending time with people who make bad decisions? You’ll start making bad decisions.

But it’s your choice, so receive good things. Read books that inspire you to help people. Read magazines that tell stories about people who lay down their lives for others. Associate with friends who are wiser than you.

Joyful people are the best. They give joy. But what about the person who just coasts through life without purpose, direction, or identity? The person who doesn’t have much of anything?

You may think “Oh, they just don’t give anything.” No, they give nothing. You give what you have. Having nothing = giving nothing.

Do you want to give joy? Or give nothing?


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