• Write things down so you remember
  • There’s exceptions to everything
  • You can’t steer a parked car
  • When in doubt just shake hands
  • Appealing a traffic ticket in court never works
  • If you like her because she likes you, it’ll never work out
  • Do for one person what you wish you could do for everyone
  • Always say goodbye
  • Remember names
  • Valuing money less than as others does not mean you have a broke mindset
  • Before sending an angry email, sleep on it
  • NO usually helps you manage. YES usually leads to adventure
  • Manipulation never works
  • Doing good stuff does not get you a ticket to Heaven
  • Keep a journal of your life
  • Being too cool is so lame
  • People shouldn’t judge you based on your appearance…but they do
  • Shave in the morning before a big date; not thirty minutes before


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