Kids Are Expert Salespeople

I have a five-year old cousin named Sarah. We played together during our visit over Christmas.

I’m the youngest of my parents’ six children. I’ve never played with little kids. I don’t babysit. I’m never around little kids…which is why this occasion was so special.

She would pull my hand and lead me around the house. We played games. Silly, young, easy games. All she wanted to do was play with “Adam.” I haven’t colored in years. We cut paper into tiny little pieces (for a very good reason; we were going to give them to people as presents, of course) and colored them 18 different shades of pink.

She had a hole-punch of a star and a squiggly. But she couldn’t punch it; it was too strong for her. She thought I was Hercules when she saw me punch out three squigglies all at once…

The funniest part was when I was playing keep-away with her toy drumsticks. I would hold them above her head and she would immediately start making up her own rules.

“You can’t use that hand.”

“You have to close your eyes.”

For years I’ve heard people say that children are the best salespeople. I never knew why but I assumed it was true. Now I know why. Every time I stopped coloring she would look up and act like I was crazy.

“Why aren’t you coloring!?” She wouldn’t take no for an answer! I had to keep coloring. I didn’t have a choice!

In sales, we need to be like a five-year old girl who has no boundaries, no pre-conceived notions, and thinks there is only one way to do things: my way.


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