BGC Shirts: Lessons Learned

Often I’m asked about the Big Guy Club shirts I marketed and sold over a year ago. The bottom line is this: my critics were right; it didn’t work. But what I learned from the endeavor was priceless. Personal experience usually is….

Lesson #1: Price. They were too expensive. Woopie. Let’s move on.

Lesson #2: My goal (which I didn’t realize until now) was to put a price tag on an idea. That idea was the BGC. People liked it. Some loved it. The idea of being in the BGC became viral; as soon as it was mentioned every guy in the room became infected. The idea was spread by attitude and a little bit of humor. The BGC was NOT a joke, but it kind of was. You see? Curiosity and unity were the catalysts.

What I attempted to do was materialize the idea. For example, the idea of a lax bro has become very popular. But if someone was to start marketing lax bro t shirts, it wouldn’t work. Why? Because we love the idea of a lax bro. We like pointing one out, acting like one, saying lax bro phrases. It’s viral. T shirts are not. No one is willing to pay for lax bro gear because it doesn’t give them any more ability to be apart of the lax bro movement.

Same with the BGC. The shirts became obsolete the moment they existed because they didn’t add to the phenomenon.

I didn’t learn how to effectively sell a product; but I certainly learned how to spread an idea.


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