For Musician’s Eyes Only

Social media has become a very popular and common platform for budding musicians who are trying to share their passions with others. The idea is this: upload enough free content, reply to everyone’s comments, post your links all over cyberspace, get tons of fans, and eventually you’ll have agents knocking on your door.

But what you don’t understand is that it’s really the opposite.

Social media was designed to be the destination to which real fans can funnel their energy. The reason consumers “like” a page is because they’ve already had the “liking” experience. They attended the coffee shop gig. Got the autograph. Bought the merch.

If you will stop caring so much about number of hits each day, and actually perform, the number of hits will take care of itself.

If you want more online followers then make a cool sign, hang it above your stage, and make a big announcement about your Facebook page at the end of each night. But honestly, if people actually like you, they won’t need a fancy sign to persuade them to type your name into Google.

Free content, blog posts, and tweet pics are important but they’re only fuel to the fire. Without actual performance, there is no fire. And the only way to start a fire is by performing.

“But it’s so much harder than it sounds.”

So? If your passion really is changing lives with your music then it doesn’t matter how hard it is.

This one’s for free: perform! Do what you do best: share your passion! But do it onstage, not online.

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