Open for Change

Here’s something (I think) I learned three years ago but recently became consciously aware.

Feedback from others is the catalyst of change.

Feedback comes in all shapes and sizes so learn to recognize it:

  •  your mom’s smile when she discovers you cleaned the kitchen before she asked
  •  the ticked off look from your dad when his tool is missing-and you lost it
  •  third-party: watching a sales person get ‘no’ due to his terrible people skills-chances are you have a few of those same traits

Don’t ignore critics- they dish out the best feedback. I’m thankful for the 7th grade bully who “ruined my life” by making fun of my unibrow. Glad I learned that lesson early.

Live each day looking for suggestions. Posture yourself so people know you welcome feedback.

If you want to be a person of change then your attitude and tone must express your eagerness to change. If people know you accept [good or bad] feedback well then they’ll offer theirs. How marvelous!

So let your reactions (negative) and your responses (positive) be calm and pleasant so people don’t hesitate the next time they want to suggest something.

Otherwise, you’ll be the only one in the group who doesn’t know your zipper is down.

Thanks, Dad, for inspiring this post without knowing it. You’re the best.


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