Lesson(s) from Grandpa

My grandpa on my Mom’s side (I never met my Dad’s, wish I had…) taught me this lesson when I was starting my lawn business: weed-wack first so your mower cuts and grooms over the weed-wacked areas. Otherwise, there will be unsightly weeds lying on freshly cut grass.

To me, this was brilliant and I’ve always followed his suggestion since. But I also learned this lesson and it’s even more important than the first: I learned to put my ego aside and accept his advice instead of being too prideful. Since I was young and innocent I gladly took his advice. But I wonder how I would have reacted if I had been more experienced. Perhaps I would have been more arrogant and muttered, “I’m doing fine, I don’t need advice” or “My way is working fine so far…”

I’m learning how to accept advice with gratitude instead of letting my pride get in the way.

Lesson(s) from Grandpa pdf