Response to Mel Robbins about marriage

I bet I’m not the only person to write a response to Mel Robbins’ article in Success Magazine called “Fight for Your Happiness“. I’ll summarize it for you in case you don’t click the article.

In essence, Robbins wrote an article condoning a husband and wife who divorced so they could be happy again. She used a common phrase to justify their divorce: “you must fight for YOUR happiness”, which is the undertone of the entire article as she painted a demoralizing picture of marriage.

But what if this divorced couple had chosen to fight for their spouse’s happiness- instead of their own? Isn’t love a decision? It’s a choice; an action.

I agree that it sounds like they reached a bad place in their marriage but I have two questions for them:

1.) how did it get that way?

2.) didn’t you know it would be hard when you said your wedding vow?

I know as a not-yet married man I’m speaking from no 1st-hand experience so I’m not claiming to be a great role model. But that’s exactly what we need: great role models instead of more couples who “fell out of love” and threw in the towel.

Is it too much to ask for better examples? If so, sorry I asked.

But isn’t it ironic that Success magazine celebrates marriages that have failed?

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