Welcome to my blog!

I live in Virginia with my beautiful bride Ashley. I proposed to her June 3, 2012 and we got married October 6, 2012. I became a Christian as a little kid but I learned what it means to truly live your life for Christ when I was nineteen. Since then the Lord has been showing me more and more areas where I fall short of His perfection. Without his grace I wouldn’t be a Christian; wouldn’t be joyful.

Ohio Wedding

I led Younglife for four years until it seemed like God wanted me to do something else. I have a strong interest in watching God redeem people. Especially someone who has been a Christian for a long time but still hasn’t experienced true freedom.

The reason I write is to encourage other Christians in their faith. Most of my topics are about faith, dating, idolatry, relationships, marriage, etc. Through a closer look of the history of my blog you may notice a distinct change in topics around the start of 2013. I started writing a few years ago about sales, personal development, leadership, how to get a good tan, etc… I might write a post about those kinds of things occasionally but for the most part my writings will mostly be Jesus-focused.

This is still my favorite post I’ve written. You can check out what I’ve been reading here. My business, The Lawn Artist is accepting new clients.