Cool Stuff

Here’s some of my favorite comments people have written over the lifetime of my blog:

The Law of Value “Adam, thank you very much for your kind words about John David Mann’s and my book. I’m honored that you found the Laws to be of value. And, the wisdom you shared from your head and heart was terrific! Please know how appreciated you are! – Best regards, Bob Burg

A Quick Story about Asking “James 4:2 – you do not have because you do not ask.”

How To Get a Good Tan “How to get manly leather skin:

1. Run through briars, dig holes, and swim in the heat, cold, sun, rain, and snow with no protection.
2. Rub dirt on yourself.
3. Shower only if your wounds risk infection.

Over time you will develop a weathered and tough complexion that will intimidate the pretty oily boys who “lay-out,” protect you from the elements, boost your testosterone, and make you irresistible to women. Ben King

Why 18-24 yr Olds Need Life Insurance “Dick literally has the best quotes I’ve ever heard.” Eric Jenvey

The Catalyst “Adam, some good points here. I really like the definition of a mentor as “someone who has already been where you want to be”…everyone needs a person like that for sure.
p.s. you’re welcome for this page view” Emily Morgan Thompson

Long Lost Notes “Adam, I somehow found myself on your blog. Excellent exercise above…good post. Always good to go back and see what you wrote for your personal development over the years in your various journals. I’ve kept the same sort of documentation of wisdom for myself over the years and it’s proven to be most valuable. Keep it up and hope you are well!”